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Our Process

A customized framework that solves your business technology needs.


Solving business challenges through technology solutions is only the beginning. Our unique, tried and true business-focused IT processes allow us to deliver customized, scalable technology solutions that help drive business success for our clients.


Client first round table

We take the time to personally learn and gather information about you and your business ensuring the best approach to meeting your technology needs. This client first methodology has allowed us to cultivate meaningful relationships and defines who we are as we develop our strategies along the way.

Assess your current technology environment

By performing a detailed investigation of your existing IT ecosystem, we familiarize ourselves with how your company operates, and what technology or IT problems need to be solved for your business. This helps us isolate and identify technology shortfalls and roadblocks, as well as determine if there is a need for technology adjustments or upgrades. All done with a guiding principle – your company’s success!

Discover & document your technical infrastructure

After a deep understanding of how your business leverages technology, including future wants and needs, we develop an IT plan and customized solution centered on removing the barriers that get in the way of running your business. Our plan enables your technology investment to work for you as a vehicle for scalable growth.

Implementation & delivery

At this stage we bring your customized technology plan to life. We work hand in hand with your team to install and implement new solutions in order to streamline, minimize interruptions and downtime, and facilitate growth through technology.

Complete oversight from Leadership & Netadmin

We provide consistent and continuous oversight of your entire IT system 24/7. A virtual-CIO and Network Administrator are dedicated to your account, so you’ll get the solutions you need from people who know your business. Our NetAdmins will work tirelessly to prevent problems, while our vCIOs will meet with your team to ensure that your technology environment always aligns with your business goals. Simply put, your success ensures our success.